Divulgation site of articles, didactic material, news, congresses, courses, maps, hotos, books, links, newsletter, geotouristic itineraries and curricula database.

How the site started 
Working in an old education project, we gathered a group of friends disposed to collaborate in the best formation and actualization of professionals in the field of Geosciences. 

Our Proposal 
To make available information related to the geology, through the divulgation of articles, didactic material, news, Congress, courses, maps, photos, links, newsletter, books, geotouristic itineraries and curricula database . 

Our Magazine 
The magazine "Terra Brasilis", indexed newspaper ISSN 1721-9906, where we will deal with many subjects related to the Geology and similar sciences.

 e-mail: revistadegeologia@yahoo.com.br
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